One block south of Albia's historic square, next to People's State Bank.
Cardio Equipment
We have 3 treadmills, 2 ellipticals, 1 spin bike, 1 stationary bike, and 2 recumbent bikes.
Free Weights
We have several adjustable weight benches, barbells, and dumbbells.
Squat Rack
Our multi-function squat rack gives you many exercises to choose from.
B Fitness Gym
We have a bright, open layout with a TV & WiFi available for members.
TRX Station
The TRX is used for body weight exercises and can be great for full body exercises.
Yoga Props
We hold some of our classes downstairs and have props available to modify and make yoga accessible for all fitness levels.
Main Yoga Studio
We love our sunroom yoga studio. It is flooded with natural light and gives a nice environment for your yoga practice.
Yoga Studio
Many of our classes include the use of props in one way or another, may it be yoga blocks to make poses more accessible or yoga straps to assist in stretching.
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ALBIA, IA 52531