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B Fitness yoga has evolved from our training in Power Yoga. You will still find flows that connect with the breath with Sun Salutations but with more emphasis on loosening your body and being mindful of where you are at during each particular practice. You will strengthen, lengthen, and tone your body while improving balance and body awareness..

Some classes will be more strenuous than others depending on the needs of the class. 


We try to limit the stress placed on the joints and take into consideration all body types, physical limitations and differences found in every body in regards to strength and flexibility.

You'll use various props including; chairs, blocks, yoga straps, maybe even the wall!

We take our time in the poses to help gently stretch and strengthen the body.

Shred is a 20-minute Tabata-Style class (8 rounds of 3 exercises, 20 seconds intervals with 10 second rests) that incorporates yoga asana-inspired movements done at a quicker pace to build strength and improve cardiovascular endurance. 

There are short bursts of movement to increase the heart rate with a short rest before the next round. 


*No Shred classes unless specified on the schedule.

Low Impact

weight circuit

(No gym classes available currently) 

This group fitness class uses Tabata/Interval timing with low impact exercises and light weights to make this a great class for anyone. Each class includes a warm-up, exercise circuit and a cool down that varies each week. 



Start dates vary and new classes can be requested by individuals or groups. We start off with yoga basics and breathing techniques. We break down the different poses found in our typical yoga classes; including, the Sun Salutations A & B, twisting and balancing postures, and core exercises. We focus on breaking down the poses to establish proper form to improve posture and prevent injury and work to increase body awareness while having fun together!                                                                                   

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