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Get Healthy with B Fitness

Welcome to our new B Fitness blog! We have a lot of different interests regarding health and fitness. In our minds, any exercise is better than no exercise. It's all about building healthy habits and figuring out what works for you. Get yourself a schedule, make a date with yourself, and stick with it.

The most important thing in my mind is the fundamentals, making sure that you have proper form. If you do the movements with incorrect form, it may work just fine for a while, but eventually you'll either be held back by injury or unnecessary aches and pains. It's the same whether you are in a yoga class or doing strength training exercises in the gym. Body awareness is key in keeping your body healthy and free from injury.

You've heard it and will continue to hear it in our classes, every body is so different. You can have two people who have the same build, but have completely different levels of strength or flexibility. Each individual needs to tailor their fitness regimen to their own needs.

At B Fitness we try to promote the individual. We do the exercises together, but tailor them to the best version for our own bodies. In a yoga class there are so many options for personalized variations, whether you lack flexibility, strength, or have a previous injury, there are so many options that make yoga work for everyone in either a group or private class setting. In strength training classes, you personalize by choosing your own weight or how far you want to push yourself in each particular exercise. It's all about honoring your body, if you stick with a healthy routine you will get stronger, gain flexibility, and see the potential in your own body.

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